Champagny. I. Jean Baptiste Nonipere, count de, duke de Cadore, a French statesman, born at Roanne, Aug. 4, 1756, died in Paris, July 3, 1834. He belonged to a junior branch of an ancient family, studied under Laplace, distinguished himself in the naval service, and was severely wounded while serving under De Grasse, April 11, 1780. In 1789 he became a member of the states general, was arrested in 1793, but escaped, and entered the council of state in 1799. In 1801 he went as ambassador to "Vienna, and in 1804 Napoleon made him minister of the interior. He was at the emperor's coronation in Milan in 1805, and received the portfolio of foreign affairs in 1807. In 1809 he was present at the battle of Wag-ram, and assisted in the treaty of peace which resulted in Napoleon's marriage with Maria Louisa. He urged the annexation of the Netherlands and of other territories to France. In 1811 he was dismissed from the ministry for having failed to comprehend Napoleon's designs against Russia. He adhered to Napoleon during the hundred days, although Louis XVIII. had made him a peer.

In 1830 he supported Louis Philippe. His Souvenirs were published at Paris in 1846. II. Louis Alix Nompere de, duke de Cadore, eldest son of the preceding, born Jan. 12, 1796, died in Boulogne in January, 1870. He entered the chamber of peers in 1835, but retired from politics on the fall of Louis Philippe. In 1861 he was French ambassador at Rome. He married a daughter of Count Lagrange. HI. Francois Joseph Marie Therese, count de, brother of the preceding, born in Vienna, Sept. 10, 1804. He cooperated with Montalembert and Beugnot in various publications, and in 1869 succeeded Berryer as a member of the French academy. His principal works are L'Histoire des Oesars (4 vols., 1841-'3; 2d ed., 1853) and Les Anton ins (3 vols., 1863; 2d ed., 1866). IV. Napoleon Marie de Nompere, count de, brother of the preceding, born in Paris, Oct. 29, 1806. Napoleon was his godfather. He became an advocate, but devoted himself to agriculture. He supported the second empire, and in 1851 was elected deputy for Mor-bihan, and reelected in 1863 and 1869. He has published Traite de la police municipale, etc. (4 vols., 1844-'61). V. Jerome Paul de Nompere, brother of the preceding, became a member of the legislative body for the department of Cotes-du-Nord in 1853, and was reelected in 1863 and 1869.