Cogalniceano, Or Cogalnitchann, Michael, a Roumanian historian and statesman, born about 1806. He filled the newly established chair of history at Jassy, founded scientific, literary, and political journals, promoted the emancipation of the gypsies, and became prominent, under Prince Alexander Cuza's administration, in the legislature and as minister for Moldavia. After the union of Wallachia and Moldavia in December, 1861, he became prime minister, and was the chief promoter of the new electoral law of May 14, 1864, and of the arbitrary constitution; but he was obliged to retire shortly before the forced abdication of Cuza, Feb. 23, 1866. He was chiefly instrumental in the foundation of the university at Jassy. He has since been reelected to the chamber, and under Prince Charles was minister of the interior from November 1868, to Jan. 24,1870. He has published Histoire de la ValacMe et de la Moldame (Berlin, 1837); Archiva romanesca (1841); and Letopisitz, a collection of Roumanian historical documents (3 vols., Jassy, 1845-'52).