Dagobert Sigisumnd Wurmser, an Austrian soldier, born in Alsace of a distinguished family in 1724, died in Vienna, Aug. 22, 1797. He early entered the French service, but soon left it for that of Austria, and held commands in the seven years' war and the war of the Bavarian succession. In 1778 he became field marshal lieutenant, and in 1787 general of cavalry. On March 31, 1793, he led a corps d'armée across the Rhine against the French, and bore a considerable part in the succeeding operations. In 1796 he succeeded Beaulieu in Italy, who had been driven back by the French, and forced them to raise the siege of Mantua. But having divided his forces, he was defeated by Bonaparte at Castiglione (Aug. 5), Roveredo (Sept. 4), and Bassano (Sept. 8), and threw himself into Mantua, the blockade of which was resumed. His only hope was now from Alvinczy, and this was extinguished by that general's defeat at Rivoli, Jan. 14-15, 1797; and on Feb. 2 Wurmser was forced to surrender Mantua.