Edward Miller, an American physician, born in Dover, Del., May 9,1760, died in New York, March 17, 1812. He attended medical lectures in the university of Pennsylvania, spent about a year in the military hospital at Bask-ingridge, N. J., and in 1782 went to France as the surgeon of an armed ship. In 1783 he entered on the practice of medicine in Maryland, and in 1788 graduated as M. D. in the university of Pennsylvania. In 1796 he removed to New York, and with Dr. Mitchill and Dr. Smith commenced the publication of the "Medical Repository," the first American medical journal. In 1803 he was appointed resident physician for the city of New York. He was a member of the American philosophical society, professor of the theory and practice of physic in the college of physicians and surgeons, and one of the physicians of the New York hospital. His "Report on the Yellow Fever of New York in 1805" is the source from which most later authors have drawn their arguments in support of the non-contagious nature of yellow fever.

His writings, with a biographical sketch, were published by his brother, the Rev. Samuel Miller (8vo, 1814).