Edward Thomson, an American clergyman, born in Portsea, England, in October, 1810, died in Wheeling, W. Va., March 22,1870. In 1819 his parents settled in Wooster, Ohio. He graduated in medicine at the university of Pennsylvania in 1829, and in 1833 joined the Ohio Methodist Conference. In 1838 he became principal of Norwalk seminary, Ohio, and in 1844 was elected by the general conference editor of the " Ladies' Repository." In 1845 he became president of the Ohio Wesley-an university at Delaware, Ohio, and in 1860 was elected editor of the " Christian Advocate and Journal." He was elected bishop in 1864, made an extensive tour of missionary observation in Germany, Scandinavia, Bulgaria, India, and China, and organized the Indian mission into an annual conference. He was a member of every general conference from 1840 to 1864. He published " Educational Essays " (new ed., Cincinnatv1856); "Moral and Religious Essays" (1856); "Biographical and Incidental Sketches" (1856); "Letters from Europe," notes of a tour through England, France, and Switzerland (1856); " Letters from India, China, and Turkey" (2 vols., 1870).