Eliza Buckminster Lee, an American authoress, born in Portsmouth, N. II., about 1790, died in Brookline, Mass., June 22, 1864. She was a daughter of the Rev. Dr. Joseph Buckminster, from whom as well as from her brother, the Rev. Joseph Stevens Buckminster, she acquired a classical education and a fondness for literary pursuits. She was married to Mr. Thomas Lee of Boston, in which city and its vicinity the greater part of her life was passed. Her career as an authoress commenced with the publication of " Sketches of a New England Village" (1837), followed by "Delusion." In 1842 appeared her "Life of Jean Paul Richter" (New York), translated from the German, and in 1845 she published "Walt and Vult, or the Twins," from Rich-ter's Flegeljahre. Her remaining works are: "Naomi, or Boston Two Hundred Years Ago" (Boston, 1848); "Memoir of Rev. Dr. Buckminster and Joseph Stevens Buckminster" (1849); " Florence, the Parish Orphan " (1850); " Parthenia, or the Last Days of Paganism" (1858); and " The Barefooted Maiden," a translation from Auerbach.