Estevan Gomez, a Portuguese explorer, born in the latter part of the 15th century, died in Toledo in October, 1525. He accompanied Magellan on his celebrated voyage in 1519, as pilot of the ship San Antonio. When the fleet entered the strait which now bears Magellan's name, the San Antonio was sent to explore a channel further south. Gomez, who was dissatisfied with his position, induced the crew to mutiny, and putting the captain in irons returned with the ship to Spain, where he arrived in March, 1521. After a short detention for this act, he was set at liberty, and in 1524 sailed from Co-runna to search for a northwest passage to the Moluccas. He struck the American coast at New York bay, made out the direction of the Hudson river, and ran north as far as the Penobscot. Contrary to the royal orders, he carried off some of the natives as slaves, probably from the Kennebec, and returned to Spain, where esclavos (slaves) being mistaken for clavos (cloves), it was reported to the king that Gomez had actually reached the Spice islands.