Jacques Basnage De Beauval, a French author and diplomatist, born in Rouen in 1653, died at the 11 ague in 1722 or 1723. He received an excellent theological and classical education, was Protestant minister at Rouen from 1676 to 1685, and on the suppression of the Reformed church in that city was pensioned and permitted to go to Rotterdam, where he had charge of the Walloon church till 1709. He afterward presided over the same denomination at the Hague at the request of Heinsius, whose influence also led to his being employed diplomatically. In 1717 he cooperated with the abbe Dubois in concluding a defensive alliance between the states general and France and Great Britain, after which his confiscated Rouen estates were restored to him. Ho was the author of various theological and other works, the best of which is his Histoire des Juifs, depuis Jesus-Christ jusqu'au present, pour servir de supplement a l'Histoire de Josephe (5 vols., Rotterdam, 1706; new ed., Paris, 1710).