Jasper Frank Cropsey, an American artist, born at Westfield, Richmond co., N. Y., Feb. 18, 1823. About the age of 14 he commenced the study of architecture, which at the end of five years he was obliged to relinquish on account of ill health. Having received a few lessons in water colors, he devoted himself thenceforth to landscape painting, and his third picture, a view of Greenwood lake in New Jersey, procured his election as an associate of the American academy of design, of which in 1850 he became a full member. In 1847 he went to Europe, where he spent three years, mostly in Italy, painting " The Pontine Marshes" and "Lake Nemi." Among his most successful productions after his return to America were "The Sibyl's Temple," "American Harvesting," "Peace" and "War," and "Niagara Falls" In June, 1856, he went to England, where he resided seven years, and painted many pictures, among which are " The Backwoods of America," "Psestum," "Oorfe Castle," "Autumn on the Hudson River," "Richmond Hill," and "Warwick Castle." He returned to America in 1863.