Joel T. Hart, an American sculptor, born in Clark co., Ky., about 1810. His education was restricted to a quarter's schooling, but he read diligently all the books that he could obtain. In 1830 he entered a stone cutter's shop in Lexington, and soon began to model busts in clay, making good likenesses of many influential persons, among whom were Gen. Jackson and Cassius M. Clay. The latter gave him his first commission for a bust in marble. The work was so satisfactory that the artist was commissioned by the " Ladies' Clay Association " of Virginia to execute a marble statue of Henry Clay, which now stands in the capi-tol square at Richmond. He went to Florence in 1849 to execute this order, but the work was delayed in consequence of the loss of his model by shipwreck and by other circumstances, and it was not till 1859 that the statue was shipped to the United States. Mr. Hart afterward made the colossal bronze statue of Henry Clay which now stands at the intersection of St. Charles and Canal streets in New Orleans. He still resides in Florence (1874), where he has executed many busts of eminent men and a number of ideal works.

Among the latter are "Angelina," "H Penseroso," and "Woman Triumphant."