John Mason Neale, an English clergyman, born in London, Jan. 24, 1818, died at East Grinstead, Sussex, Aug. 6,1866. He graduated in 1840 at Trinity college, Cambridge, where he had taken the members' prize in 1838, and where he obtained the Seatonian prize for a sacred poem nine times between 1845 and 1861. He took orders in 1842, and became incumbent of Crawley in Sussex. In May, 1846, he was appointed warden of Sackville college, East Grinstead. He was allied to the high church party, and in 1855 founded the sisterhood of St. Margaret. He was the author of about 70 books, of which the most important are the following: "History of the Holy Eastern Church, the Patriarchate of Alexandria" (2 vols., 1850-'51); Sequentim ex Missalibus Ger-manicis (1852); "Mediaeval Preachers and Mediaeval Preaching" (1857); " History of the so-called Jansenist Church of Holland" (1858); "Commentary on the Psalms" (1860); Hymni Ecclesioe (new ed., 1865); "Essays on Litur-giology and Church History" (1863); "The Liturgies, in Greek, of St. Mark, St. James, St. Clement, St. Chrysostom, and St. Basil" (1868); "Hymns of the Eastern Church," with notes and introduction (1871).