John Todd, an American clergyman, born in Rutland, Vt., Oct. 9, 1800, died in Pittsfield, Mass., Aug. 24, 1873. He graduated at Yale college in 1822, spent four years at the Ando-ver theological seminary, and was ordained to the ministry in the Congregational church at Groton in 1827. In 1833 he was settled over the Edwards church at Northampton, in 1836 was called to the pastorate of the first Congregational church in Philadelphia, and from 1842 to 1872 was pastor of the first Congregational church in Pittsfield, Mass. He was one of the founders of Mount Holyoke female seminary, and for several years.was president of the trustees of the young ladies' institute of Pitts-field. In 1845 he received the degree of D. D. from Williams college. His principal works, most of which have passed through many editions both in the United States and England, and several translated into other languages, are: "Lectures to Children" (2 vols. 16mo, Northampton, 1834; 2d series, 1858); "Student's Manual" (12mo, 1835); "Index Re-rum," prepared for noting books read (4to, 1835); " Truth made Simple " (18mo, 1839); "Great Cities, their Moral Influence" (18mo, 1841); "Lost Sister of Wyoming" (18mo, 1841); "The Young Man" (18mo, 1843); "Simple Sketches" (2 vols. 16mo, Pittsfield, 1843); "Pastor's Daughter" (24mo, 1844); " Stories on the Shorter Catechism " (2 vols. 18mo, Northampton, 1850-51); " Summer Gleanings" (12mo, 1852); "The Daughter at School" (12mo, 1854); "The Angel of the Iceberg, and other Stories" (18mo, 1859); " Future Punishment " (32mo, New York, 1863); " Mountain Gems " (4 vols. 16mo, Boston, 1864); " Nuts for Boys to Crack " (16mo, New York, 1866; 8vo, 1868); " Polished Diamonds " (16mo, Boston, 1866); " Serpents in the Dove's Nest" (18mo, 1867); "Woman's Rights " (18mo, New York, 1868); " The Water Dove, and other Gems " (18mo, Edinburgh, 1868); "Mountain Flowers" (16mo, Northampton, 1869); " Sunset Land, or the Great Pacific Slope " (Boston, 1869); and " Old-Fashioned Lives " (1870). Several collective editions of his works were published from 1853 to 1868. - See "John Todd, the Story of his Life, told mainly by Himself, compiled and edited by Rev. John E. Todd " (16mo, New York, 1876).