Jubal A Early., a general of the Confederate States, born in Virginia about 1815. He graduated at West Point in 1837, and was appointed a lieutenant of artillery, but soon resigned, studied and practised law, and was elected to the legislature of Virginia. During the Mexican war he was major of a regiment of Virginia volunteers. Upon the breaking out of the civil Avar he entered the confederate army, and commanded a brigade at Bull Run, Cedar Mountain, and Fredericksburg. In May, 1863, he commanded the division which held the lines at Fredericksburg, while Lee was fighting the battle of Chancellorsville. He also commanded a division at Gettysburg. In 1864 he was sent to the valley of the Shenandoah, where his operations were at first very successful. In July he crossed the Potomac, gained several actions, and even threatened Washington, but was obliged to retreat. Toward the end of the month a portion of bis cavalry advanced into Pennsylvania as far as Chambersburg, which they burned. He was defeated by Sheridan on the Opequan (Sept. 19), at Fisher's Hill (Sept. 22), and at Cedar creek (Oct. 19); and in March, 1865, he was totally routed by Custer at Waynesborough. On March 30 he was dismissed by Lee from the command in the valley.

After the close of the war he spent some time in Europe, and returning resumed the practice of law at Richmond. In 1867 he published "Memoirs of the Last Year of the War."