Konrad Peutinger, a German antiquary, born in Augsburg, Oct. 14, 1465, died there, Dec. 24, 1547. He obtained his education in several Italian universities, and during a large portion of his life was actuary in his native city. He published Sermones Convivales de miran-dis Germanm Antiquitatibus (1506), and several minor writings on antiquarian subjects. He is known from a map in his possession, since called the Tabula Peutingeriana, giving the military roads of a large portion of the Roman empire, probably based upon an itinerary of the 4th century. Peutinger obtained this map from Konrad Celtes, who had borrowed it from the Benedictine convent at Tegernsee. Fragments of it were published in Venice by Marcus Welser in 1591, with the title Fragmenta Tabulm Antiqum ex Peutinge-rorum Bibliotheca. Thereafter the map seems to have been lost till 1714, when it was found again among the papers of the Peutinger family. It is now in the Vienna library. The first complete edition of it was prepared by Scheyb in 1753, and another by Mannert in 1824.