Leland, , Charles Godfrey, an American author, born in Philadelphia, Aug. 15, 1824. He graduated at Princeton college in 1846, and subsequently studied at the universities of Heidelberg, Munich, and Paris, devoting himself more particularly to the modern languages, aesthetics, history, and philosophy. He was residing in the last named city during the revolutionary outbreak in February, 1848, and was one of the American deputation sent to congratulate the provisional government. He returned to Philadelphia in the same year, studied law, and was admitted to the bar; but he soon relinquished that profession for the pursuit of literature. He was connected as editor or contributor with several American periodicals, but for some years has resided chiefly in Europe. His works, some of which are of a humorous or burlesque character, are as follows: "The Poetry and Mystery of Dreams " (Philadelphia, 1855); " Meister Karl's Sketch Book " (1855); " Pictures of Travel," a translation of Heine's Reisebilder (1856); "Sunshine in Thought" (New York, 1862); "Legends of Birds," illustrated (Philadelphia, 1864); " Hans Breitmann's Ballads " (5 parts, 1867 et seq.; complete ed., 1870); " The Music Lessons of Confucius and other Poems" (London, 1871); a translation of the humorous poems of Scheffel (1871); "Egyptian Sketch Book;" and "The English Gipsies and their Language " (1873).