Ludwig Sigismnnd Jacoby, an American clergyman, born in Alt Strelitz, Mecklenburg, Oct. 21, 1811. His parents were Jews, but he was baptized when 21 years old, and joined the Lutheran church. A few years later he emigrated to America, and became a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. About 1840 he entered the ministry, and in 1841 was stationed at St. Louis. In 1844 he was presiding elder of the first German district of the far west. In 1849 he returned to Germany to establish a mission of the Methodist church there. Chiefly through his instrumentality, missions were founded in Germany and in Switzerland, and a publishing house and a theological seminary were established at Bremen. For many years he edited and published religious and educational works, and acted as a professor in the theological seminary. To him was intrusted the superintendence of all the missions of his church in Germany and Switzerland, until his return to America in 1872. In 1874 he was pastor of a church in St. Louis, Mo. He has prepared a "Concordance of the Bible," and a " History of Methodism in the Whole World down to 1869."