I. Jose Madrazo Y Aguda

I. Jose Madrazo Y Aguda, a Spanish painter, born in Santander, April 22, 1781, died in Madrid, May 8, 1859. He studied at the academy of Madrid, in Paris under David, and in Rome, where he spent several years, having been sent there by the king of Spain. In 1818, on his return to Madrid, he became director of the academy, and afterward of the museum, presiding over the former institution till his death. His principal works are: "Jesus in the House of Ananias," "The Sacred Heart of Jesus," " Battle of Cerignola," " Seizure of Breda," "Storming of Montefrio," and an admirable portrait of the empress Eugenie.

II. Frederico Madrazo Y Kunt

II. Frederico Madrazo Y Kunt, a Spanish painter, son of the preceding, born in Rome, Feb. 12, 1815. He received his first instruction from his father, completed his studies in Paris under Winterhalter, and became the most fashionable portrait painter of Madrid. In 1873 he was elected an associate member of the French academy of fine arts. Among his historical pictures are " Godfrey of Bouillon," and " Godfrey proclaimed King of Jerusalem," the latter at. Versailles. His " Holy "Women at the Sepulchre" obtained a first medal at the Paris exhibition of 1855. - His brother LUIS won in 1848, at the school of Madrid, the great prize of Rome. His principal work, at Madrid, is the " Burial of St. Cecilia."