I. A Ian Or Province Of Sweden

A Ian Or Province Of Sweden, bordering on Christ ian-stad the Baltic, and the Sound; ana. ].' sq m pop. in 1873, 322,175. It is one of the most fertile portions of Sweden, rears the best horses and cattle, and produces excellent cheese and great quantities of grain. It « tains several lakes, of which the largest is Lake Ling.

II. A City

A City, capital of the Ian, on the Sound, 16 m. S. F. of Copenhagen; pop. in 1873, 27,485. It consists of the town proper and two suburbs, Oster and Wester Warn, connected with it by a canal. The streets are spacious, and the market place is planted >with trees. The former fortifications have been converted into promenades. The ancient castle of Malmo is used for barracks, and for a prison and penitentiary. Two churches, the old town hall, and the theatre are among the conspicuous buildings. There are a gymnasium and school- of technology and navigation. Among the charitable institutions is a richly endowed lunatic asylum. Steamboats, railways, and especially the improvement of the harbor, have greatly promoted the maritime and commercial importance of Malmo. About 5,000 vessels enter and leave the port annually. The principal export is grain.