Martin Fried Rich Rudolph Delbruck, a German statesman, born in Berlin in 1817. He is the son of a clergyman, who was intrusted with the education of the crown prince, afterward Frederick William IV. of Prussia, and of Prince William, the present emperor of Germany. He studied law at the universities of Bonn, Gottin-gen, and Berlin, and after some minor judicial employments was called to assist in the ministry of finance, and obtained in 1844 the direction of the bureau of commerce. In 1848 he was a member of the ministry appointed after the revolutionary outbreak of March 18, and upon its resignation was made chief of the ministry of commerce. In this capacity he was of great service to Prussia by his skilful consolidation of the Zollverein, and by negotiating .several advantageous commercial treaties with France, Austria, England, Belgium, and Italy. At the creation of the chancery of the North German confederation in 1867, Bismarck selected him to take full charge of it as president, and designated him as his substitute and representative at the North German diet and in the Prussian cabinet.

Delbriick was made Prussian minister of state in 1868, and in 1871, after the creation of the empire, he received a large dotation from the German diet in recognition of his services, and was confirmed as president of the imperial chancery.