Mascoutins, an Algonquin tribe, near Lake Michigan, who figure largely in early French accounts. They were closely united with the Foxes and Kickapoos, and when first known to the French, about 1620, were at war with the Ottawas and even with the Neutral Nation on Niagara river. Allouez in 1CG9 found them on the Wisconsin, and later they were on the Fox. Some at a still later day removed to the Ohio. In 1712 they joined the Foxes and Kickapoos against the French, and maintained a hostile attitude till the close of the French rule. They showed similar hostility to the English, attacking Col. Croghan near the Wabash in 17G5; and to the Americans, attempting to cut off Clarke by treachery in 1777. In all these operations they appear acting with one of their kindred tribes, and in this century are never treated as a distinct body. The Hurons called them Asistaeronon, or Fire Nation, but some writers at an early date declared the translation erroneous, and maintained that the name Mascoutin meant prairie.