I. Heinrich Menu Von, Baron

Baron Heinrich Menu Von, a German archaeologist, born in Geneva, May 12, 1772. died near Lausanne, Sept. 10, 1840. He entered the Prussian army at an early age, was wounded during the campaign on the Rhine in 1793, and made professor in the military school in Berlin. In 1820 he led a scien-titii- expedition to Egypt under the patronage of the Prussian government, and visited Cairo, Thebes, and Asswan, whence he returned to Alexandria, reaching Berlin in August, 1822. The architect Liman. the naturalist Hemprich, and seven of his other companions had died on the journey, and a great portion of his col-lection was lost by shipwreck. The remainder of it was purchased by the king of Prussia. Minutoli passed his last years in Switzerland. He published Betrachtungen liber die Kriegs-iunst (3d ed., Berlin, 1816); a narrative of Ins travels under the title of Reise zum Tempel den Jupiter Amman und nach Oberagypten (1824-7) Beitrdge zn einer k'dnftigen Biographie Friedrich Wilhelms III. (1843); Militarische tnnnerungen (1845); and various historical and archroological works. - While in Italy he married in 1820 Wolfradine, countess von der Schulenburg, the widow of a Saxon ofH-cer, who accompanied him in his travels, and wrote in French an admirable work on Egypt (Souvenirs d'Egypte, 2 vols., Paris 18-20; German translation by Gersdorf, Leipsic, 1820).

II. Julius Ton, Baron

Baron Julius Ton, son of the preceding, born in Berlm in 1805, died near Shiraz, Persia, Nov. 5 1860. He became well known in 1840 by his discovery of the Polish conspiracy while he was director of police at Posen. In 1851 he was appointed Prussian consul general for Spain and Portugal, and in 1860 ambassador to Persia, he wrote on jurisprudence and Prussian history, and most extensively on Spain and Portugal and the Canary islands. The principal of the latter works are Altes und Neues aus Spanieh (2 vols., Berlin, 1854), and Portugal und seine Colonien im Jahre 1854 (2 vols., Stuttgart, 1855).