I. Lingo Von

Lingo Von, a German botanist, born in Stuttgart, April 8, 1805, died in Tubingen, April 1, 1872. He studied medicine and the natural sciences at the university of Tubingen, and in 1835 became professor of botany and director of the botanic garden. The establishment in 1863 of a special faculty for natural sciences was entirely due to his influence. He published many works, and is one of the highest authorities on vegetable physiology.

II. Hobcrt

Hobcrt, brother of the preceding, born in Stuttgart, Aug. 17, 1799, professor of jurisprudence at Tubingen and Heidelberg, and prominent as a legislator and diplomatist of Baden, has published, among other works, Die PoUzehcissen-Bchaft nach den grunchatzen des RechtsstaatB (3 vols., Tubingen, 1832-,4; 3d ed., 1866); Die Gcscliichte und Literatur der Staatsicissen-schaft (3 vols., Erlangen, 1855-,8); and Staats-recht, Volkerreeht und Politik (3 vols., 1860-'69).

III. Julius

Julius, brother of the preceding, born in Stuttgart, Oct. 28, 1800, was extraordinary professor of oriental literature in Tubingen from 1826 to 1832, when he went to Paris, in 1845 became professor of Persian in the college de France, and in 1852 director of the oriental department of the national printing office. He has edited Firdusi's Shah Namch (5 vols., Paris, 1838-66), and many Chinese and other oriental works, and written Dante et les origincs de la litterature italienne, etc.