Nagpore, Or Nagpoor, a city of central India, capital of the province of Berar or Nagpore, situated in lat. 21° 9' N., Ion. 79° 11' E., 420 m. E. N. E. of Bombay, with which city it is connected by a branch of the Great Indian Peninsula railway; pop. about 115,000. It is 7 m. in circumference, but the houses are generally inferior. There are important manufactories of cotton, and silk and cutlery are also made. Two great trunk roads in addition to the railway lead out of Nagpore: one 160 m. to Jubbulpore, the other 180 in. to Raipur in Chaltisghar. - In 1740 Nagpore became the seat of an independent Mahratta sovereignty. On Nov. 26,1816, the English garrison of 1,400 men were suddenly attacked at Seetabuldee, the heights in the vicinity of the residency, by the rajah's army of 18,000 troops, who were finally repulsed, although with a loss to the British of 333 killed and wounded. The city was annexed to the British dominions with the state of Berar in 1853. A partial mutiny of the Madras sepoys stationed at Nagpore, on Jan. 18, 1858, was successfully repressed.