Transfer Paper (To Make). 1. Take starch, 6 ounces; gum arabic, 2 ounces; alum, 1 ounce. Make a strong solution of each separately in hot water. Mix, and apply it to one side of the leaves of paper while warm, by means of a clean painting-brush: and when dry, a second and a third coat may be given; lastly, press it, to make it smooth.

2. Give the paper three coats of thin size, one coat of good white starch, and one coat of a solution of gamboge in water: the whole to be applied with a sponge, and each coat to be allowed to dry before the other is applied. The whole of the solutions to be fresh made.

3. (M. Bregeaut's recipe). Take of starch, 2 drachms; gum arabic in powder, 2 scruples; alum, 10 grains; yellow berries pounded, 10 grains. Some hours previous to making the transfer-paper, put the gum to dissolve in water; dissolve the alum separately, and make the starch rather thin, then add successively the gum and the alum, stirring well. Boil the berries well in water, strain, and add the residue to the mixture. Apply the mixture warm to the paper (which should be unsized), by means of a flat brush: when a sufficient coating is given, the paper must be either glazed, or run through the press, the yellow face downwards, on a clean lithographic stone.

Before writing, the paper must be rubbed with some powdered gum-sandarach, to prevent the ink spreading, afterwards wipe it off with a hare's-foot. If you have any difficulty in using the steel pen, use a crow-quill or common quill.