Maze, or Labyrinth, in Gardening, denotes a piece of ground, planted and arranged in various meanders, so as to render it difficult, after entering the walks, to find the leading avenue.

Labyrinths contribute equally to health and amusement; and, as few persons, possess gardens or pleasure-grounds sufficiently extensive for long walks, we hare subjoined an outline of a maze, in which simplicity and economy are strictly combined.

Maze 14

The principal expence of such a maze, will be the green hedges, which ought to be seven feet high; and, if the breadth of the walks be calculated at four feet, beside 12 inches for the room occupied by the shrubs, the diameter of the whole will not exceed 150 feet. In the centre might be planted a lofty chesnut or other tree, with spreading branches; or a circle of poplar-trees, the height and sprightliness of which invite the wanderer to refresh himself under their cooling shade.

It should be remarked, that the plan, as appears from the preceding cat, represents only regular intertwined walks which, by various circumvolutions, lead exactly to the central spot of ground. But, if it be designed to establish a real labyrinth, on a larger scale, the hedges ought in various directions to be interrupted; for instance, at the points marked with the letters A, and B, in order that those who mistake the true path, might inadvertently return to the avenue whence they came.

Lastly, a maze should, if possible, be so situated, that it may be Viewed from the windows of a house, or an elevated spot, in its Vicinity. Thus, it will afford an interesting spectacle to persons of the most opposite disposition of mind : the gay and cheerful will delight in beholding others perplexed in the pursuit of the central spot; while the grave and reflecting have an opportunity of viewing, as in a mirror, a picture of active life, where man often seems to deviate from the true path, which nevertheless conducts him the nearest way to the end of his journey : while others, though sometimes very nigh the desired object, in a manner blindfold pass by, and with every step advance on the contrary road !