Rose-Bay, or Nerium, L. a genus of exotic plants, consisting of tive species, the most remarkable of . which are the following, viz :

1. The Oleander, or South Sea Rose, a beautiful shrub, cultivated in gardens on account of its fine purple flowers; it is propagated by planting layers in rich, moist situations. We cannot, however, recommend its culture; as the whole plant is poisonous, and especially the roots. Its juice, if inadvertently excites so great an inflammation as immediately to prevent deglutition; while it operates most powerfully as an emetic and purgative. Farther, the odour of the flowers, if they be handled or kept in close apartments, is attended with injurious effects ; as it gra-dually excites numbness and acote pain in the bead.—The proper antidotes are copious draughts of vinegar, and other vegetable acids.

2. The anti-dysentericum, a native of Ceylon, which is not cultivated.—The bark of its root, when grated and infused in water, is said to be of great service in the dysentery.

3. The tincttorium, or Dyer's Rose-bay, is a native of Madras, in the East Indies. It has beautiful blue flowers; and a decoction of the leaves, together with the addition of lime, produces a very fine indigo.