Shrub Liquor, a compound liquor, made of ardent spirits, orange-juice, and sugar.

Though we do not profess to be acquainted with the exact proportion of the ingredients employed by shrub-drinkers, yet it appears that one pint of the best coniac brandy requires to be diluted with the expressed and filtred juice of four or six China oranges, and half a pound of refined sugar. - Thus, a very palatable, but seductive liquor is produced ; the effects of which, if frequently resorted to, cannot fail of undermining the constitution of its votaries. - Having, on former occasions, explained the injurious consequences to be apprehended from the liberal use of Arrack, Brandy, Gin, and Rum, we shall, at present, only remark, that shrub is incomparably more tempting and insinuating, especially to weak females, than any of the simple spirits ; because, in combination with sweet ingredients, this liquor imperceptibly stimulates, and gradually impairs the digestive organs, while it deprives such persons of that share of tottering health, which they vainly hoped to support.