Slug, or Naked Snail, Li-max, L. a genus of insects, comprehending eight species; which differ only in colour; being black, white, reddish, ash-coloured, etc.

These reptiles are destitute of shells, having four feelers placed above the mouth, and which are protruded, or drawn in, at pleasure: they move at a very slow pace ; and, from the clamminess of their skin, leave slimy, shining marks, wherever they pass destroyed ; as they advance from their hiding places during the night, in quest of food. These Vermin may also be exterminated, by admitting poultry to the ground infested with them. But, as many husbandmen have not an opportunity of liming their fields or gardens ; or of keeping a sufficient stock of geese, fowls, ducks, etc. for this purpose, we think it useful to observe, that they may be effectually reduced in number, by the simple expedient of collecting them by the hand, when perambulating the ground very early in (he morning, especially during cloudy and damp weather. The destruction of these vermin may, farther, be facilitated by strewing withered leaves, or the putrescent stalks, of cabbages and turnips, on the surface ; as they devour the latter with avidity.

One of the most expeditious modes, however, of extirpating slugs, is that communicated by Capt.Shank, to the Bath and West or England Society; and which is inserted in the 8th vol. of their Letters and Papers. He directs a sufficient quantity of coal-tar to be poured into a barrel, and to fill the vessel with water, which must be suffered to stand for two or three days ; when it will become powerfully impregnated ; and, if poured on the vermin, will kill them instantaneously. He farther observes that, if such tar-water be sprinkled on the land, by means of a watering-pot, both before and after sowing, it will infallibly prevent their depredations.