The bathtubs are to be cast iron, with roll rim and standing waste, enameled on the inside and over the roll, the outside finished with 3 coats of white lead and oil paint and one coat of outside varnish.

The washtrays and sinks are to be of similar material and finish, the sinks to have overflow cast in side; and both are to stand on galvanized-iron legs.

The washbowls are to be oval, not less than fourteen by seventeen inches, of one-piece earthenware, with standing waste and nickel-plated legs.

The waterclosets are to be of the siphon-jet type, with bowl and trap all cast in one piece, with hardwood seat and cover bolted to the bowl, and with copper-lined oak tank of 10 gallons' capacity.

The hot-water boiler will be of galvanized iron of 60 gallons' capacity, tested to 150 pounds' pressure and connected to the waterfront of range.

All enameled iron work is to carry the guarantee of manufacturer against cracking or crazing of enamel for two years.

All earthenware must carry a similar guarantee against crazing for two years; and the guarantee in each case must provide that, in case the fixtures do not hold out for the period in perfect condition as regards the points covered, the manufacturers will pay all expenses incident to furnishing new ones in place, on which they are to place a similar guarantee.

All paint and varnish used are to be of qualities specified under "Painting."

All water piping is to be of lead, of the weights known to the trade as "Extra Heavy," except in basement, where it is to be of galvanized iron.

From the end of the water main now at the front wall, extend a 1 1/4-inch pipe to where the lead riser leaves the first floor-level, this riser to be 1 inch and to extend to the ceiling of the upper floor.

The branch to the basement washtrays is to be 3/4 inch; and that to the water-closet, 3/8- inch, from the 1 1/4-inch main.

Above the basement, branches to sinks and water-closet tanks are to be 1/2 inch; to bathtubs and hot-water boiler 3/4 inch; and to washbowls, 3/8 inch.

Hot water from the boiler at kitchen range is to be carried to all fixtures except water-closets, in pipes similar in all respects to those above referred to.

All lead pipes are to be run on hardwood boards and through floor-boxes, and to have tacks not over 2 feet 6 inches apart; and where run horizontally, there are to be two brass bands between each pair of tacks, to prevent sagging.

No turn is to be made on a circle of less than 9 inches diameter; and pipes are to be carried so as to provide a dead end of not less than 3 feet above the highest branch, and so graded that all will drain through a stop and waste-cock to be set just inside the basement wall.

There are to be as few joints as possible in the lead piping; but where they occur, either in connection with lead or brass, the joints are to be wiped; and, if connections are necessary to iron pipes, brass ferrules either calked or screwed into the iron pipe are to be used.

Just inside the basement wall, and wherever a branch leaves the main in both hot and cold-water lines, place stop and waste-cocks with waterway of equal area to the pipe in which it is placed, and with 1/4-inch wastes to waste pipes or sewer. Those in the cellar are to be plain brass; and those above, nickel-plated, with lever handles.

All faucets except for bathtubs are to be self-closing, of 1/8-inch larger waterway than the pipe supplying them, those in the wash-trays and sinks to be plain brass, those for bowls to be low down nickel-plated.

The bathtubs will be equipped with combination, compression bibbs closing with the pressure, of the plainest and heaviest stock pattern, with nozzle to which a 1/2-inch hose can be attached.


Under the set of tubs, each sink, and bathtub, set a 4-inch lead pot trap 8 inches deep, with 4-inch brass trap-screw in the top, set in an accessible place as near the fixture as possible.

Under each bowl set a nickel-plated trap which cannot be siphoned under any conditions existing in the building, and with no movable parts, but with trap-screw which will permit its being cleaned.