VOLUME I Building Superintendence . . By Edward Nichols^ Page *11

Selection of Site - Cellar Work and Foundations - Cesspools and Drains - Framing Walls, Roofs, and Partitions-Mason Work - Electric Wiring - Outside Finish - Lathing and Plastering - Concreting - Fireplaces - Plumbing- Furnace Heating - Steam Heating - Hot-Water Heating - Inside Finish - Hardware - Painting - Decorating - Glazing - Brickwork - Stone Masonry - Columns, Arches, and Trimmings - Roofing and Metal Work - Windows - Skylights-Iron and Steel Supports - Floor Beams-Tiling and Mosaic - Fireproof Vaults-Fireproof Building - Terra-Cotta Floor Arches - Concrete Floors -Exterior Walls

Contracts and Specifications, Part I By James C. Plant Page 207

General Province of the Specification - Studies in Materials - Sample Specifications-Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of Owner, Architect, and Contractor-Method of Payment - Time Limit - Various Details of Construction (Masonry, Carpentry, Heating, etc.) - Form of Proposal Sheet-Awarding the Contract - Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor-Architect's Certificate to Contractor - Contractor's Receipt to Owner-Owner's Receipt to Contractor for Insurance Policies - Government Contracts - Special Form of Government Contract - Form of Bond

Contracts and Specifications, Part II.....Page 273

Requirements of a Good Specification-Memorandum Specification-What Should Be Included in the Specification? What Omitted?-Ambiguous Terms - Relation of Specification to Working Drawings - Marginal Sketches - Use of Card System-The Specification Reminder - Sub-Contractors and Specialists-Typical Form of Detailed Specification

Building Law . By Eliot N. Jones and Otis W. Richardson Page 315

Law of Contracts-Express and Implied Contracts -Parties Competent to Enter into Contracts - Consent - Consideration - Statute of Frauds-Conditional Contracts - Construction of Contracts - Assignment of Contracts - Avoidance of Contracts - Reforming Contracts - Penalties and Liquidated Damages - Discharge of Contract -Waiver, Modification - Suretyship - Law of Agency - Powers of Agent-Liens - Torts - Mutual Rights, Duties, and Liabilities of Owner, Architect, and Contractor - Certificates - Settlement of Disputes - Inspection - Limit of Cost - Architects as Public Officials - Competitions - Ownership of Plans

Index............ Page 387

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Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson, Architects, New York and Boston. Exterior of Bedford Stone. For Interiors, See Vol. II, Pages 10 and 71.