5. Covenant to Repair. The Tenant covenants during the term of this lease to keep in good order and repair, inside and out, all buildings and structures which are now or shall hereafter be constructed on or appurtenant to said premises, and all equipment thereof, including, but not being limited to, all engines, dynamos, boilers, elevators, machinery, pipes, plumbing, wiring, gas and steam and electrical fittings, and all other equipment thereof. The Tenant agrees from time to time to make renewals and replacements of such equipment (of first-class modern character and efficiency at least equal to the original and sufficient for the same service) so that at all times such buildings, structures and equipment shall be in thorough good order, condition and repair.

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6. Covenant to Comply with Laws, Ordinances etc. The Tenant covenants to promptly observe, comply with and execute at the Tenant's cost and expense all present and future laws, rules, requirements, orders, directions, ordinances and regulations of the State of........and City of........and of the

United States of America, and of any and all governmental authorities or agencies, and of all municipal departments, bureaus, boards or officials of the City of........and of the

........Board of Fire Underwriters or any other board or organization exercising similar functions, concerning said premises, or the vaults, passageways, franchises or privileges appurtenant thereto or connected with the enjoyment thereof, and shall, at his own expense, make any and all improvements thereon or alterations thereto, structural or otherwise, that may be required at any time hereafter by any such present or future law, rule, requirement, order, direction, ordinance or regulation. If the Tenant, in violation of the foregoing provisions, shall fail to comply with and execute any such law, rule, requirement, order, direction, ordinance or regulation, the Landlord may (but shall not be obliged to) comply with the same, and the amount paid by the Landlord in order to so comply with the same, with all expenses, interest and penalties connected therewith, shall be repaid by the Tenant on demand; and for all purposes under this lease and in any suit of any kind between the parties hereto any receipt showing any payment for any work so done or material so furnished shall be conclusive evidence against the Tenant that the amount of such payment was necessary and reasonable.

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7. Covenant Against Assignment or Sublease. The Tenant covenants not to assign, transfer, mortgage nor pledge this lease, or any renewal thereof, or to sublet the demised premises or any part thereof, without the prior written consent of the Landlord for every assignment or sublease, and the tenant agrees to deliver to the Landlord, simultaneously with the delivery of such consent, an agreement executed and acknowledged by the assignee assuming this lease, and agreeing to be personally bound by the covenants and conditions herein contained on the part of the Tenant, as if said assignee had been a party hereto, anything to the contrary herein contained notwithstanding, and the Tenant agrees to execute and deliver to the Landlord a duly and properly executed guaranty of the payment of the rent, taxes and all other payments provided for, and of the performance of all covenants, conditions and agreements contained in this lease by such assignee; it being agreed that the granting, giving or waiving of any one or more of such consents shall not render unnecessary, or be deemed or operate as a waiver of any subsequent consent or consents.

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