14. In their discretion the Reorganization Managers may fix or limit any period or periods within which any deposits may be made as herein provided (subject to the provisions in that behalf in the Plan), the times within which any required payment must be made, and, in their discretion, in either general or in special instances and upon such terms and conditions as they may see fit (including the imposition of penalties for late deposits) they may extend or renew any period or periods so fixed or limited. Except as otherwise in the Plan mentioned holders of securities of or claims against the Old Company who do not become parties hereto in the manner hereinabove provided within the periods. limited therefor will not be entitled to deposit their securities or claims or become parties to the Plan and Agreement, or to share in the benefits thereof and shall acquire no rights thereunder, except with the express consent of the Reorganization Managers who hereby expressly reserve the right to withhold or give such consent. 15. All the Depositors (each acting for himself and not for any others) hereby irrevocably request the Reorganization Managers to carry out the Plan and Agreement and agree that the Reorganization Managers and the Reorganization Committee respectively shall be, and they hereby are, vested with all rights, powers and authority necessary or proper to enable them to carry out the Plan and Agreement and in such manner and with such additions, exceptions and modifications as shall not substantially affect the same as the Reorganization Managers shall deem to be expedient, and irrevocably authorize the Reorganization Committee and/or the Reorganization Managers in their behalf to assign all the bonds, stock and/or claims deposited hereunder to any person or corporation for the purposes of the Plan so as to vest such person or corporation with full title thereto. By way of amplification and not limitation of the foregoing it is hereby declared that the Reorganization Managers shall be fully authorized to vote all stock deposited under or made subject to the Plan at any meeting for anything authorized by or necessary or helpful in carrying out the Plan and Agreement, and to consent as holders of said stock to any corporate action, and to sign any written consent required or permitted by law to be signed and to file the same; to institute or become parties to any legal proceedings; to compromise any litigation now or at any time hereafter existing or threatened, in whole or in part, with plenary power to enter into any agreement tending towards or deemed by them in their discretion likely to promote the consummation of the Plan and Agreement; at any time or times and at such places as they shall deem proper, to purchase or to pay, compromise or settle any indebtedness or obligations of or claims against the Old Company or any subsidiary company or any claims or demands or securities against any property deemed by the Reorganization Managers important or advisable for the New Company to acquire, or any claims, demands or securities by reason whereof or by reason of the possession whereof such property is or may be encumbered or the title thereto affected, or any Receiver's Certificates or obligations issued or liabilities incurred or which may be issued or incurred by the Receiver, or any claims or demands that the Reorganization Managers in their discretion may deem it for the interest of the reorganization to purchase, pay, compromise or settle; for any of the purposes of the Plan and Agreement to borrow money and to charge or to pledge any of the claims or any of the deposited securities, or any property purchased or new securities to be issued, for the repayment of any money borrowed, with interest; to execute all agreements or bonds of indemnity and other bonds and therewith to charge the deposited securities or any part thereof; to do whatever in the judgment of the Reorganization Managers may be expedient to promote or procure the sale as an entirety or in parcels of any lands, railroads, properties or franchises of the Old Company or of any of its subsidiary or controlled companies, wherever situated; to adjourn any sale of any property or franchises or any portion or lot thereof; to bid or to cause anyone else to bid, or to refrain from bidding, at any sale, whether public or private, either in separate lots or as a whole, for any property or franchises or any part thereof, and at, before or after any sale to arrange and agree for the resale of any portion of the property they may decide to sell rather than to retain; to hold any property or franchises purchased by them either in their names or in the name of any person or corporation approved by them, and to apply the deposited securities and any property or securities held hereunder in satisfaction or partial satisfaction of any bid, whether made by themselves or any other person or corporation approved by them, or towards obtaining funds for the satisfaction thereof; and the term "property and franchises" shall include any and all railroads and other transportation lines, branches, leaseholds, rights in lands, stock and other interests in corporations in which the Old Company has any interest of any kind whatever, direct or indirect. The amount to be bid or paid or caused to be bid or paid by the Reorganization Managers for any property or franchises shall be absolutely discretionary with them, and in case of a sale to others of any property or franchises the Reorganization Managers, if they choose, may receive, out of the proceeds of such sale or otherwise, any payment in any form, accruing on any deposited securities. Anything which the Plan or this Agreement provides that the Reorganization Managers and/or the Reorganization Committee may do or allow to be done, they may respectively do or allow to be done by or through such agents or agencies as they may determine, or by or through others with their approval or consent or acquiescence, or they may contract with any person or corporation that it shall be done or permitted to be done. The Reorganization Managers may assign and deliver all or any of the deposited securities to any person or corporation and may enter into such contract or contracts with such person or corporation or with anyone else as they shall deem proper for the purposes of the Plan and this Agreement.