Sec. 2137. Statement of rule.

Sec. 2138. Application of parol evidence rule at law and in equity.

Sec. 2139. Place of rule in law.

Sec. 2140. Waiver of parol evidence rule by failure to interpose objection to evidence.

Sec. 2141. Oral terms as part of contract for purpose of consideration.

Sec. 2142. Relation of parol evidence rule to rules requiring writing or written evidence.

Sec. 2143. What is "written contract" in parol'evidence rule.

Sec. 2144. Written contract merges prior negotiations.

Sec. 2145. Evidence inadmissible to contradict written contract.

Sec. 2146. Evidence of intention direct inadmissible.

Sec. 2147. Evidence of intention direct inadmissible to vary written contract

Sec. 2148. Legal effect of contract can not be contradicted.

Sec. 2149. Prima facie inferences subject to contradiction.


Sec. 2150. Limitations of the rule.

Sec. 2151 Incomplete contracts.

Sec. 2102. Express provision negativing extrinsic agreement.

Sec. 2168. What contracts are incomplete.

Sec. 2164. Purpose of instrument.

Sec. 2156. Written evidence.

Sec. 2156. Recital of facts - Receipts.

Sec. 2157. Receipts and releases containing co. ctual term

Sec. 2158. Consideration recited as fact.

Sec. 2159. Receipts in full.

Sec. 2160. Extrinsic evidence as to consideration contradicting legal effect of instrument.

Sec. 2161. Recital of consideration in deeds and in contracts for deeds.

Sec. 2162. Recital of consideration in mortgages.

Sec. 2163. Recital of consideration in leases.

Sec. 2164. Recital of consideration contradicted to render transaction inoperative or defeat legal effect.

Sec. 2165. Oral contract as inducement.

Sec. 2166. Consideration as contractual term.

Sec. 2167. Rule does not apply to actions between parties to contract but not involving contract.

Sec. 2168. Rule does not apply to strangers to contract.

Sec. 2160. Who are strangers to contract.

Sec. 2170. Application of foregoing principles to releases ana covenants not to sue.

Sec. 2171. Parol evidence rule does not apply where existence or validity of contract is in issue. Sec. 2172. Facts of execution in general. Sec. 2173. Genuineness of signature and intent of signer. Sec. 2174. Contents of written instrument. Sec. 2175. Extrinsic evidence as to date

Sec. 2176. Extrinsic evidence that contract never was to take effect.

Sec. 2177. Extrinsic evidence that party to instrument was not to be liable. Sec. 2178. Extrinsic evidence to annex condition precedent. Sec. 2170. Extrinsic evidence to annex condition subsequent. Sec. 2180. Want of consideration, mistake and fraud. Sec. 2181. Extrinsic evidence of mistake. Sec. 2182. Extrinsic evidence of fraud. Sec. 2183. Illegality.

Sec. 2184. Non-compliance with the Statute of Frauds.

Sec. 2185. Breach and performance. Sec. 2186. Estoppel as evasion of parol evidence rule. Sec. 2187. Secondary evidence.


Sec. 2188. Identification of parties.

Sec. 2180. Identification of subject-matter.

Sec. 2100. Identification can not be made means of contradiction.

Sec. 2101. Collateral consistent contracts.

Sec. 2102. What contracts are collateral.

Sec. 2103. Examples of contracts held not to be collateral.

Sec. 2104. Collateral inconsistent contracts.


Sec. 2105. Method of performance.

Sec. 2106. Agreement as to performance contradicting written contract.

Sec. 2107. Warranties.

Sec. 2108. Surety.

Sec. 2100. Drawer.

Sec. 2200. Indorsement - Regular indorsement held to be complete contract.

Sec. 2201. Regular indorsement held to be incomplete.

Sec. 2202. Indorsement without recourse.

Sec. 2203. Irregular indorsers.

Sec. 2204. Purpose of indorsement.

Sec. 2205. Contract signed by agent - Evidence to relieve agent from liability.

Sec. 2206. Addition of word "agent" held not to make contract ambiguous.

Sec. 2207. Addition of word "agent" held to make contract ambiguous.

Sec. 2208. Extrinsic evidence to enable principal to sue.

Sec. 2200. Extrinsic evidence to impose liability on principal.

Sec. 2210. Effect of knowledge of identity of principal.