Sec. 2303. Origin of negotiability - The law-merchant.

Sec. 2304. Development of law-merchant - The negotiable instruments law.


Sec. 2305. Elements of negotiable contracts - Writing.

Sec. 2306. Provision in mortgage as affecting note.

Sec. 2307. Date.

Sec. 2308. Signing - Necessity.

Sec. 2309. Signing - Form.

Sec. 2310. Delivery.

Sec. 2311. Definite parties - Payee.

Sec. 2312. Adding party to negotiable instrument by extrinsic evidence, to imp liability. Sec. 2313. Discharging party to negotiable instrument by extrinsic evidence. Sec. 2314. Promise or order. Sec. 2315. For money only. Sec. 2316. For a sum certain. Sec. 2317. Provision for payment of exchange. Sec. 2318. Provision for payment of taxes. Sec. 2310. Provision for payment before maturity. Sec. 2320. Provision for discount.

Sec. 2321. Provision for modification of rate of interest in case of default.

Sec. 2322. Provision for payment of attorney fees and cost of collection. Sec. 2323. Unconditional payment. Sec. 2324. Statement of consideration or transaction. Sec. 2325. Provision concerning security, demand, etc. Sec. 2326. Time of payment - Event bound to happen. Sec. 2327. Event not bound to happen. Sec. 2328. Acceleration of maturity at option of holder. Sec. 2320. Acceleration of maturity at option of debtor. Sec. 2330. Acceleration in case of default. Sec. 2331. Provision for extension of time. Sec. 2332. Place of payment. Sec. 2333. Words of negotiability. Sec. 2334. Recital of consideration unnecessary. Sec. 2335. Examples of negotiable instruments - Money. Sec. 2336. Bills and notes.

Sec. 2337. Checks, certificates of deposit, and savings bank books.

Sec. 2338. Contracts under seal.

Sec. 2339. Bonds, warrants, etc.

Sec. 2340. Mortgages.

Sec. 2341. Symbols of property - Bills of lading and warehouse receipts.

Sec. 2342. Stock certificates.


Sec. 2343. Nature of negotiability.

Sec. 2344. Effect of negotiability on rights of parties - When in hands of original party. Sec. 2345. When in hands of transferee not a bona fide holder. Sec. 2346. When in hands of bona fide holder - General principles. Sec. 2347. Defenses not available against bona fide holder. Sec. 2348. Defenses available against a bona fide holder - Want of capacity. Sec. 2349. Want of execution. Sec. 2350. Alteration.

Sec. 2351. Defenses permitted by statute.

Sec. 2352. Effect of negotiable instruments law on statutory defenses.

Sec. 2353. Holder not bona fide acquires rights of assignor.


Sec. 2354. The bona fide holder or the holder in due course - General principles.

Sec. 2355. Taking without notice - Actual knowledge.

Sec. 2356. Contents of instrument as notice.

Sec. 2357. Indorsement as notice.

Sec. 2358. Recital or notice of consideration as notice of defect.

Sec. 2359. Bill of lading as notice of defect in bill of exchange to which it is collateral. Sec. 2360. Taking under circumstances of suspicion. Sec. 2361. Circumstantial evidence of bad faith. Sec. 2362. To whom notice may be given - Constructive notice. Sec. 2363. When notice must be given. Sec. 2364. Payee as bona fide holder. Sec. 2365. Delivery or indorsement - Necessity. Sec. 2366. What constitutes indorsement. Sec. 2367. Value. Sec. 236S. Payment as value. Sec. 2369. Giving note, check, etc., as value. Sec. 2370. Giving credit on account as value. Sec. 2371. Collateral security as value. Sec. 2372. Taking before maturity. Sec. 2373. Presumption as to bona fides of holder.