Shaving Paste

1. White soft soap, 4 oz.; finest honey soap, 2 oz.; olive oil, 1 oz.; water, 1 or 2 tablespoonfuls; carbonate of soda, 1 dram. Melt together and form a paste, adding a little proof-spirit and scent at will. Some melt with the soap about 1 dram of spermaceti. Produces a good lather, with either hot or cold water, which dries slowly on the face, 2. Hard soap in small shavings, 2 oz.; best soft soap, 6 oz.; melt by the aid of a water bath; add, on cooling, oil of cloves, 1 dram; tincture of ambergris, 20 drops.

Cream Soap

Take white, soft, lard potash soap, recent, but moderately firm, and beat in small portions at a time, in a marble mortar, until it forms a white homogeneous mass; add sufficient essential oil of almonds, supported with a little oil of bergamot, or of cassia, put in during the pounding.

Shaving Essence Or Fluid

1. White hard soap, in shavings, 1/4 lb.; rectified spirit, 1 pint; water, 1/4 pint; perfume to taste. Put them into a strong bottle, Cork tightly, set it in warm water for a short time, and occasionally agitate it briskly until solution is complete. After standing, pour off the clean portion from the dregs into clean bottles for use, and at once closely cork them. If the solution is not sufficiently transparent, a little rectified spirit should be added to it before decantation; a little proof-spirit may be added if it is desired to render it thinner. If much essential oil is used to perfume it, the transparency of the product will be lessened. .2. White soft soap, 1/4 lb.; liquor of potassa, 2 fluid drams; rectified spirit, 1 pint. Perfume to taste. Proceed as before. The product of both is excellent. By rubbing two or three drops on the skin, and applying the shaving brush, previously dipped in water, a good lather is produced. The choice of perfume is a matter of taste, 15 to 20 drops of essence of muss or ambergris, 1 fluid dram of any of the ordinary fragrant essences, or 12 to 15 drops of essential oil, simple or mixed, to a pint, are sufficient for the purpose.