Material, 2 1/2 yards gingham (1 yard wide) for apron 32 inches long.


Waist (Model 24 inches).

Length of dress (Model 32 inches).

When buying material for apron, allow for twice the length of the dress skirt, and three inches on each strip for the hem (6 inches in all). First cut or tear either end of the strip of cloth, with the woof thread; then cut in halves.

Apron 15

If a plaid, match. From one of these pieces tear a 2 1/2-inch strip (this allows for seams), on the selvage or straight; this is the belt. The other piece of cloth is split in halves on the warp, thus making two 1/2-yard strips. Join each narrow strip to either side of the wide piece, pinning and basting on right side for French seams. If one edge is selvage and the other not, tear off the selvage edge. When the selvages come together, a French seam is not necessary except when it corresponds with another seam. When the apron is properly seamed, hem the two sides, with the 1/4-inch machine hemmer. Turn a three-inch hem on the bottom of apron, making the French seams turn toward the outside. Pin first, then baste and stitch on the right side. Find the center of the apron at the top, and cut a small notch at this point. Make two rows of gathers across the top, 1/4 inch from the edge and 1/4 inch apart. Commence at the right edge, with the knot on wrong side of cloth, using 50 cotton. The length of the thread should be longer than the belt measurement, and when the space is gathered, do not fasten this end with a knot or back stitch, but hold the threads in position by placing a pin at right angles with the gathers, and winding the thread over and under it several times. After the belt has been stitched, these ends should be fastened.

Cut off the belt to equal the waist measurement, plus 3 inches. The extra inches are used for an inch and a half lap, and 3/4 of an inch is turned in on each end. Turn under the long edges of the belt 1/4 of an inch, creasing the strip in the center. It will then be 1 inch wide on the double. Pin the gathers to lower edge of wrong side of folded belt, starting and ending them 3 inches from either end of the belt, the center of apron meeting the center of belt.

The gathers should not be as full in the center of the front, and the French seams should be the same distance from the center. Baste the gathers closely and evenly, then bring down the top edge of the belt over the raw edges, baste and stitch on the machine, close to the edge.

Make a buttonhole on right side of belt 1/2 inch from edge, and sew button on left end. Over stitch small and neatly the ends of the belt and hem. Tie, fasten and cut all thread ends. Press on right side, dampening if necessary any wrinkled places.

Make a hanger 2 1/2 inches long (finished) and 1/4 inch wide (finished) and fasten to the center of belt on the wrong side and at the lower edge. Baste a small card with name, class and date finished (written) on it, in the center of the belt.