Cut flounce like dust ruffle, making 12 inches deep or more. Join, hem and gather, matching pattern if embroidery is used. Tuck when goods is alike. Pin flounce to body of skirt even with the dust ruffle. If scalloped embroidery is used, have longest point even with bottom of dust ruffle. Use board when mounting, and see that top line of flounce is straight. Baste well, and cover raw edges with bias binding or finishing braid. Stitch on either outside edge.

For loop or hanger, double-fold a straight strip of goods 1/4 inch wide when finished and 2 1/2 inches long. Pin center of loop to lower edge of center front of belt, and fasten securely on either end, turning under raw edges. A piece of tape may be used instead.

Finish and cut all thread ends, pull bastings, and press well on right side over skirt board, dampening any portion that is wrinkled or creased.

Attach name and date finished.