5. Polygala Brevifòlia Nutt. Short-Leaved Milkwort

Fig. 2699

Polygala brevifolia- Nutt. Gen. 2: 89. 1818.

Resembling the preceding species, but is lower, more slender and weaker. Leaves shorter, often scattered on the branches and upper part of the stem; spikes smaller (3"-5" thick), on slender peduncles; wings ovate or ovate-lanceolate, obtuse or mucronulate.

In sandy swamps, coast of Rhode Island to Florida and Mississippi. Summer.

5 Polygala Brevif Lia Nutt Short Leaved Milkwort 10415 Polygala Brevif Lia Nutt Short Leaved Milkwort 1042

6. Polygala Verticillàta L. Whorled Milkwort

Fig. 2700

Polygala verticillata L. Sp. Pl. 706. 1753.

Annual, glabrous, very slender, 6-12' high, usually branched, the branches often opposite. Basal leaves none; stem-leaves linear, 3"-15" long, 1/2"-2" wide; acute, entire, punctate, mucronulate, mostly verticillate in 4's or 5's, with some scattered ones on the stem or branches; spikes conic, long-peduncled, acute, 2" thick at the base, very dense, 4"-10" long; flowers greenish or purplish; pedicels about 1/2" long; wings broadly oval, distinctly clawed, shorter than the pod; crest of the corolla manifest; seed oblong, hairy, twice the length of the caruncle; bracts deciduous.

In dry or moist soil, mostly in fields, southern Quebec and Ontario to Minnesota, Saskatchewan, Nebraska, Florida and Mexico. Ascends to 2,500 ft. in Virginia. June-Nov.

7. Polygala Ambigua Nutt. Loose-Spiked Milkwort

Fig. 2701

Polygala ambigua Nutt. Gen. 2: 89. 1818. Polygala verticillata var. ambigua Wood, Bot. & Flor. 80. 1870.

Resembling the preceding species, but often taller, 5'-16' high, very slender. Lower stem-leaves commonly verticillate, but the others all alternate; spikes long, loose, the lower flowers often quite distant; peduncles often several inches long; flowers rather larger; wings purple or purplish, nearly circular in outline; mature capsule hardly longer than the wings, which are appressed to it; seed hairy.

In dry soil, Maine to New Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri and Louisiana. Apparently specifically distinct from the preceding species, which it resembles.

7 Polygala Ambigua Nutt Loose Spiked Milkwort 10437 Polygala Ambigua Nutt Loose Spiked Milkwort 1044

8. Polygala Incarnàta L. Pink Milkwort

Fig. 2702

Polygala incarnata L. Sp. Pl. 701. 1753.

Annual, erect, glabrous, glaucous, very slender, 1°-2° high, simple, or sparingly branched. Basal leaves none; stem-leaves alternate, distant, linear or subulate, sessile, 1"-6" long, rarely wanting; spike terminal, dense, 1'-1 1/2' long, 2"-4" thick; pedicels 1/2" or less long; bracts minute or none; flowers pink or rose, 5"-6" long; corolla-tube very slender, 3"-4" long, 2-5 times the length of the wings, its keel prominently crested; wings cuspidate; seed hairy, the caruncle-lobes enveloping its beaked extremity.

In dry soil, southern Ontario to Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida, Arkansas and Mexico. Procession- or rogation-flower. Summer.