XXXV. Crassulaceae. Orpine Family

Succulent smooth herbs; leaves simple, alternate, mostly sessile; flowers usually cymes, small, perfectly symmetrical; fruit a dry indehiscent pod opening down the ventral suture, many-seeded.

I. Sedum. (Tourn.) L.

1. S. roseum. (L.) Scop. Rosewort.

2. S. stenopetalum. Pursh., Stonccrop.

XXXVI. Saxifragaceae. Saxifrage Family

Herbs or shrubs of various aspect, with bland or astringent juice; leaves alternate, sometimes opposite, or more frequently basal; flowers perfect, racemose, cymose or paniculate, stamens and petals nearly always inserted on the calyx; fruit capsular, usually beaked.

Tribe Saxifrageae

I. Leptarrhena. Brown.

I. L. amplexifolia. (Sternb.) ser. DC. Leptarrhena. II. Boykinia. Nutt.

I. B. occidentalis. T. and G. Western Boykinia. III. Saxifraga. (Tourn.) L.

I. S. bronchialis. L. Common Saxifrage. 2. S. cernua. L. Nodding Saxifrage.

3. S. Lyallii. Engler. Lyall's Saxifrage.

4. S. nutkana. Moc. Engler. Tall Saxifrage.

5. S. nivalis. L. Alpine Saxifrage.

6. S. Mertensiana. Bong. Spotted Saxifrage.

7. S. aestivalis. Fisch. Purple-bracted Saxifrage.

8. S. caespitosa. L. Tufted Saxifrage.

9. S. adscendens. L. Wedge-leaved Saxifrage.

10. S. rivularis. L. Alpine Brook Saxifrage.

11. S. oppositifolia. L. Mountain Saxifrage.

12. S. aizoides. L. Yellow Saxifrage. IV. Tiarella. L.

1. T. unifoliata. Hook. Nancy-over-the-ground. V. Heuchera. L.

1. H. ovalifolia. Nutt. Oval-leaved Alum Root.

2. H. glabra. Willd. Smooth Alum Root.

3. H. glabella. T. and G. Bristly Alum Root.

VI. Llthophragma. Nutt.

1. L. tenella. Nutt. Woodland Star. VII. Tellima. R. Br.

1. T. grandiflora. (Pursh.) Dougl. Tellima. VIII. Mitella. (Tourn.) L.

1. M. Breweri. Gray. Mitrewort.

2. M. nuda. L. Bishop's Cap.

3. M. pentandra. Hook. Five-stamened Mitrewort.

4. M. trifida. Graham. Alpine Mitrewort. IX. Chrysosplenium. (Tourn.) L.

1. C. tetrandrum. Fries. Golden Saxifrage. X. Parnassia. (Tourn.) L.

1. P. montanensis. Rydb. and Fernald. Marsh Grass of Parnassus.

2. P. fimbriata. Banks. Fringed Grass of Parnassus.

3. P. parviflora. DC. Small Grass of Parnassus.

4. P. Kotzebuei. Cham. Alpine Grass of Parnassus.

Tribe Ribesieae

XL Ribes. L.

1. R. setosum. Lindl. Bristly Gooseberry.

2. R. lacustre. (Pers.) Poir. Swamp Gooseberry.

3. R. hudsonianum. Richards. Black Currant.

4. R. laxiflorum. Pursh. Skunk Currant.

XXXVII. Rosaceae. Rose Family

Trees, shrubs or herbs; leaves alternate, simple or compound, mostly foliaceous with stipules; flowers perfect or unisexual, regular in cymes, corymbs, panicles or solitary, with numerous distinct stamens inserted on the calyx, sepals united at the base, often appearing double by a row of bractlets outside; fruit seeds, follicles, achenes or drupelets, with little or no albumen.

Tribe Spiraea

I. Spiraea. (Tourn.) L.

1. S. lucida. Dougl. Birch-leaved Spircea.

2. S. densiflora. Nutt. Pink Spircea. II. Aruncus. (L.) Adans.

1. A. Sylvester. (L.) Karst. Goat's Beard.

III. Lutkea Bong.

1. L. pectinata. (Pursh.) Kuntze. Alpine Spircea.

Tribe Pomeae

IV. Pyrus. (Tourn.) L.

1. P. sambucifolia. C. and S. Western Mountain Ash. V. Amelanchier. Medic.

1. A. florida. Lind. Common Serviceberry.

2. A. Cusickii. Fernald. Thick-leaved Serviceberry.

Tribe Potentilleae

VI. Fragaria. (Tourn.) L.

1. F. glauca. Wild Strazvberry.

2. F. bracteata. Heller. Wood Strawberry. VII. Sibbaldia. L.

1. S. procumbens. L. Creeping Sibbaldia.

VIII. Potentilla. L.

1. P. Anserina. L. Silver Weed.

2. P. dissecta. Pursh. Common Cinquefoil.

3. P. dissecta var. glaucophylla. Smooth Cinquefoil.

4. P. dissecta var. multisecta. (Wats.) Rydb. Dissected Cinque foil.

5. P. dissecta var. pinnatisecta. Leafy Cinqnefoil.

6. P. arguta. Pursh. Tall Cinquefoil.

7. P. norvegica. (L.) Rydb. Rough Cinquefoil.

8. P. Hippiana. Lehm. Woolly Cinquefoil.

9. P. gracilis. Dougl. Graceful Cinquefoil.

10. P. nivea. L. Alpine Cinquefoil.

11. P. uniflora. Ledeb. One-flowered Cinquefoil.

12. P. fruticosa. L. Shrubby Cinquefoil.

13. P. palustris. (L.) Scop. Purple Cinquefoil. IX. Geum. L.

1. G. triflorum. Pursh. Long-plumed Avens.

2. G. strictum. Ait. Yellow Avens.

3. G. macrophyllum. Willd. Large-leaved Avens.

Tribe Rubeae

X. Rubus. (Tourn.) L.

1. R. parviflorus. Nutt. Capberry.

2. R. strigosus. Michx. Red Raspberry.

3. R. triflorus. Richards. Dwarf Raspberry.

4. R. pedatus. Smith. Creeping Raspberry.

5. R. arcticus. L. Arctic Raspberry.

6. R. spectabilis. Pursh. Salmonberry.

Tribe Roseae

XI. Dryas. L.

1. D. octopetala. L. Wood Nymphs.

2. D. Drummondii. Richards. Drummond's Dryas. XII. Rosa. (Tourn.) L.

1. R. acicularis. Lindl. Prickly Rose.

2. R. Macounii. Macoun's Rose.

3. R. gymnocarpa. Nutt. Tiny Rose.

Tribe Pruneae

XIII. Prunus. (Tourn.) L.

1. P. demissa. (Nutt.) Dietrich. Western Choke Cherry.

XXXVIII. Leguminosae. Pulse Family

A very large family of shrubs, herbs and vines; leaves alternate, with stipules, usually compound; flowers mainly in racemes or axillary, terminal, solitary or capitate, papilionaceous or sometimes regular, the single simple free pistil becoming a legume in fruit; fruit seeds solitary or several, without albumen.

Subfamily Papilionoideae

I. Lupinus. (Tourn.) L.

1. L. subalpinus. P. and R. Alpine Lupin. II. Trifolium. (Tourn.) L.

1. T. repens. L. White Clover. (Introduced.)

2. T. hybridum. L. Alsatian Clover. (Introduced.)

3. T. pratense. L. Red Clover. (Introduced.)

III. Melilotus. (Tourn.) Hill.

1. M. officinalis. (L.) Lam. Yellow Melilot. (Introduced.)

IV. Astragalus. (Tourn.) L.

1. A. aboriginorum. Richards. Indian Milk Vetch.

2. A. tenellus. Pursh. Loose-flowered Milk Vetch.

3. A. adsurgens. Pall. Ascending Milk Vetch.

4. A. hypoglottis. L. Purple Milk Vetch.

5. A. alpinus. L. Alpine Milk Vetch.

6. A. Macounii. Macoun's Milk Vetch.

7. A. convallarius. Greene. Slender Milk Vetch. V. Phaca. L.

1. P. americana. (Hook.) Rydb. Lentil Vetch. VI. Oxytropis. DC.

1. O. viscida. Nutt. Alpine Oxytrope.

2. O. splendens. Dougl. Showy Oxytrope.

3. O. deflexa. Drooping-fruited Oxytrope.

4. O. podocarpa. Gray. Inflated Oxytrope.

5. O. Lamberti. (Pursh.) Kuntze. Locoweed.

6. O. monticola. Gray. Mountain Oxytrope. VII. Hedysarum. (Tourn.) L.

1. H. boreale. Nutt. Purple Hedysarum.

2. H. sulphurescens. Rydb. White Hedysarum.

3. H. Mackenzii. Richards. Mackenzie's Hedysarum. VIII. Vicia. Tourn.

1. V. Cracca. L. Cow Vetch. (Introduced.)

2. V. americana. Muhl. American Vetch. IX. Lathyrus. L.

1. L. ochroleucus. Hook. White Vetchling.

2. L. palustris. L. Marsh Vetchling.