The kernels of the fruits of the pistachio tree, which closely resemble almonds, but are sweeter, and form a greeu emulsion with water The extract is prepared by crushing the Kernels, say one pound, and macerating with diluted alcohol to obtain the desired, quantity To the mixture add about one-half ounce of bruised cloves, and one-half ounce of crushed or ground cinnamon. Also some sliced lemon-peels may be added. Macerate the whole for eight days in a bot-tle. Then filter or percolate. The filtrate may be improved by the addition of one or two ounces of ether, cognac or grape essence, and two drachms of acetic ether preservation. - To preserve the odor of both the oil of peppermint and spearmint, the addition of five per cent, of alcohol is recommended (about one ounce alcohol to one pound of the oil).