We append the following simple Formula: - Oil of orange peel, one ounce; alcohol 95°, one pint; keep the bottle well corked. The remarks under "Concentrated Essence of Lemon" refer to this also.

Soluble Essence Of Orange

Oil of orange, one ounce; alcohol, 80° to 95°, eight ounces; water, eight ounces. Cut the oil with powdered pumice, etc., and some sugar in a mortar; triturate until absorbed; first add by degrees the eight ounces of alcohol, agitate until all is dissolved; then add gradually the eight ounces of water, and continue to agitate; filter and re-filter until bright.

N.B. In regard to cutting inferior commercial oil of orange, which needs usually more alcohol for being dissolved, apply the same rules as appended for cutting inferior lemon oil.

Pure oil will dissolve in about two ounces of alcohol of 95°, and in about eight to ten ounces of alcohol of 80°, and where we refer in the appended receipts for flavored syrups to "Soluble Essence of Orange," the former strength is denoted.

Tincture Of Orange Peel

We append the following directions. Take, fresh orange peel, sliced thinly, or, better, grated, four ounces (the pulpous part adherent to the peel cutoff previously); diluted alcohol, twenty ounces. Macerate for ten days in a closed vessel, with occasional agitation , strain, press and filter; then add sufficient diluted alcohol to make one pint. This tincture may be used for flavoring mixtures which, need, to be improved by a touch of orange flavor.

Restoration Of Essence Of Orange

Apply the same remedy as to essence of lemon.

Compound Orange Flavoring Essence

Essence of orange, soluble, six ounces; extract of curacoa, six ounces; orange-flower water, four ounces.

Compound Orange Flavoring Tincture

Tincture of orange peelsix ounces; tincture of curacoa, six ounces; orange-flower water, four ounces.