Apple Brandy

Clean alcohol, twenty gallons; water, twenty gallons; strong decoction of grains of paradise, one quart; tincture of pellitory, half pint; three ounces each of sulphuric and acetic ether; one ounce each of essence of vanilla; tincture of sanders wood, one pint; burnt sugar, one pint.

The above brandy can be manufactured at as low a figure as could be desired, if the tincture of grains of paradise and tincture pellitory be substituted for alcohol.

Apple brandy belongs to that class of liquors that pays but a small percentage, and, therefore, is scarcely worth noticing; yet it is desirable that the manufacturer should possess a knowledge of it. This brandy will be greatly improved by the addition of honey or sugar, in the proportion of four gallons to forty gallons of the spirit. A cheaper article of this brandy is made of common rectified whiskey, thus: to forty gallons of whiskey, add eight ounces of acetic acid; one ounce of sulphuric acid, three sliced red beets, one pint of burnt sugar, coloring; add a pint of wheat or rice flour, slightly scorched over the fire, to the liquor, and allow it to stand for. ten days. The flour can be suspended in the spirit, by being tied up in a piece of muslin and hung in the barrel.

Cherry Brandy

Rectified whiskey, one hundred gallons; honey, eight gallons; clarified sugar, thirty pounds; bruised bitter almonds, one pound; cloves, one-half ounce; cassia, one ounce; bruised nutmegs, two ounces; infuse two ounces of cochineal in two gallons of warmed water for a few days, until the coloring is extracted, and add one pint of sugar coloring, and two ounces of sulphuric acid. The above is usually put up in ten gallon kegs.

Cherry Brandy (Cheap)

Corn whiskey, twenty gallons; water, seventeen gallons; loaf sugar, twenty-five to fifty pounds; tincture of grains of paradise, one and a half gallons; pellitory, one pint; five ounces of ground mustard, one-half ounce of sulphuric acid; cloves, one-half ounce, bruised; cassia, one ounce; one-half pound bruised bitter almonds. Color with six red beets, sliced, and one-half pint of burnt sugar coloring. If the acid in either of the above is not clearly perceptible to the palate, it should be added until it is.


The best is Jamaica rum. This rum is indebted to the mode of its distillation for its superiority, which consists in conducting the process of distillation very slowly.

Imitation Of Jamaica Rum

Clean proof spirit, 100 gallons; sugar refined, dissolved in five gallons water, sixty pounds; pale ale, five gallons; sulphuric acid, two ounces; Jamaica rum, eight to twelve gallons; acetic ether, eight ounces; burnt sugar, one and a half pints; tincture of sanders, half a pint.

St. Croix Rum

Clean spirit proof, 100 gallons; refined sugar, dissolved in five gallons water, forty pounds; catechu, five ounces; spirit of vanilla, a tumbler or glass full; acetic acid, five ounces; Jamaica rum, five gallons; color as above, or leave it transparent; add half a gallon tincture grains of paradise, and one and a half ounces sulphuric acid.