There are many patterns of ice cream freezers that are well constructed and inexpensive. They are sold by the size, a 2 quart freezer giving you 2 quarts of the frozen cream. See that the crank is oiled and the whole apparatus clean. Have ready pounded ice and rock salt, usually in the proportion of 1 part salt to 3 of ice. Machines come for cutting the ice, but it is easy to pound it in a strong bag. Set the freezer can in place, put around it the ice and salt alternately, shaking down and packing firmly. Have the ice cream mixture cool, pour it in, having the can not more than 2/3 full. Put on the lid, cover with ice and salt, and begin to turn the crank. Open and stir down once or twice, being careful to keep out the salt. Take out the crank before the cream is too stiff. Pack the cream firmly down in the can. See that the melted water is removed from the pail, put in more ice and salt, and leave until the ice cream is firm.

To mold ice cream or mousse. Directions for packing in a mold are given under strawberry mousse.