Ingredients. Cream Strawberries Sugar

Granulated gelatin Cold water Hot water

1 quart 1 box

1 cup

1 1/4 tablespoonfuls

2 tablespoonfuls

3 tablespoonfuls


Wash and hull berries, sprinkle with sugar, and let stand one hour; mash and rub through a fine sieve, add the gelatin soaked in cold water and dissolved in hot water. Set in a pan of ice water and stir until it begins to thicken; then fold in the whipped cream, put into a mold, cover, pack in two parts ice to one of salt, and let stand four hours. Use a mold with a tight cover and seal the crack with a strip of cloth dipped in melted butter and bound around the mold while still wet.


1. Explain the value of salads and desserts in the dietary.

2. What are the important points in a good salad ?

3. Give a number of agreeable combinations of material in a salad.

4. What are the substitutes for olive oil?

5. Why should mayonnaise dressing be kept cold in the mixing ? " 6. Make a classification of the different types of dessert.

7. What is gelatin, and why is it useful in desserts?

8. What are the underlying principles of custard making?

9. Why is it important that the can in a freezer should not be filled to the top?

10. Why does chopped ice and salt freeze the mixture?

11. Estimate the cost of the following dishes for five people: Potato salad with boiled dressing; a baked custard; a Brown Betty ; French ice cream ; raspberry or lemon ice.

12. Explain what is meant by garnishing.