Stewed Salsify Or Oyster-Plant


Scrape the roots and place in cold water, to prevent discoloration. Cut in inch-long pieces. Cover with hot water in a saucepan and boil tender. Then pour off most of the water, and add a cup of milk. Bring this to a boil, stew ten minutes, put in a large lump of butter, cut and rolled in flour; season to taste; boil up once, and serve. This dish has much the taste of stewed oysters.

Asparagus - Break asparagus stalks in pieces any desired length ; boil until tender ; season with salt, pepper, and plenty of butter ; thicken with a tablespoonful of flour, mixed with milk. If desired, serve on toast. The tops, which are tender, should be placed in the water ten minutes after the other pieces begin to boil.


Boil a bunch of asparagus twenty minutes, or until tender. Place in a baking dish, add butter, pepper, and salt to taste. Beat well four eggs, add two tablespoonfuls of good cream; pour over the asparagus and bake ten minutes.

Boiled Turnips - Scrub the turnips and pare off the thick skin. Cut into slices or quarters, and cook in boiling salted water until soft. Then put them into a piece of coarse cheese-cloth and mash fine with a wooden masher, pressing them to remove the water. To one pint of mashed turnips add one tablespoonful butter, one-quarter teaspoonful salt, and a sprinkle of pepper. Serve in hot dish. Potatoes are sometimes mashed with turnips, to absorb the water.


Scrub and scrape off a very thin skin. Cut each carrot into slices from one-quarter to one-half inch thick, and cook 400 in boiling salted water until soft. Serve with a white sauce.

Stewed Carrots

Wash and scrape the carrots, and cut them into strips. Put these in a stewpan with water enough to cover them, add a spoonful of salt, and boil slowly until they are tender. Then drain and replace them in the pan, with two tablespoonfuls of butter rolled in flour, a little pepper and salt, and enough cream or milk to moisten the whole. Bring to a boil and serve hot.


Scrub, scrape off a thin skin, cut each parsnip into quarters lengthwise, and cook in boiling salted water, from thirty to forty minutes, until soft. Place in a dish and pour a white sauce over them, or serve with vinegar on the table. They may be buttered after boiling, placed in the oven and baked a golden brown.

Fried Parsnips

Wash and scrape parsnips, quarter and remove heart, cut in pieces about two inches long, salt and pepper. Mix butter and lard in frying-pan, put them in and fry till a nice brown.

Parsnip Balls

Wash and boil in water with a little salt, cook till perfectly tender. When cold scrape off the skin, mash them, and for each cup of the mashed parsnips, add one-half cup breadcrumbs and one egg, salt and pepper. Flour the hands and make into balls, brown in hot butter, and serve very hot.

Summer Squash

When young and tender, this can be fried in the same manner as egg-plant. Winter squash takes much longer to cook, and should be soaked in cold water for two hours or more before cooking. Cold stewed squash can be used by taking two cups of squash, two eggs, two tablespoonfuls of flour, one-half cup of milk, and a small piece of butter. Fry in hot lard.