The old Spanish proverb tells us: "To make a perfect salad, there should be a spendthrift for oil, a miser for vinegar, a wise man for salt, and a madcap to stir the ingredients up and mix them well together." If properly made, there is no dish more wholesome or more appetizing than a salad. It is but little trouble to make a salad, and it is a good way to use up odds and ends of vegetables, fish, fruits, and meats.

From a hygienic point of view salads are more valuable than is generally appreciated; particularly in the summer when the blood should be kept cool with food in which vegetables and fruit predominate.

A salad is not a success unless it is as attractive to the eye as to the palate. All salads look and taste better if served on lettuce leaves. If a supply of lettuce is not on hand, trim the salad with parsley, or with nasturtium leaves, and the effect will be attractive.

Common sorrel makes a good garnish and is used for a salad in other countries.

Vegetables used for salad should be prepared carefully by freshening in cold water. Vegetable cutters in the shape of hearts, diamonds, stars, and crescents, are not expensive, and are invaluable for making a salad attractive.

When possible, lemon, or preferably lime juice, should be used instead of vinegar. Those housekeepers who live in the orange belt are advised to use the juice of very sour oranges, which gives a delicious flavor.

When using lettuce, always dry it thoroughly, never cut, but tear or break it with the fingers, and in mixing use only a wooden spoon and fork. Salad with lettuce in it, or plain lettuce salad, must be served as soon as dressed, as the lettuce wilts very quickly.

It is well to keep on hand a supply of nuts (pecans or English walnuts). Either of these is a great addition to many salads.

Apple And Date Salad

One cup of apple cubes, one cup of dates stoned and cut up fine, is an easy salad to prepare and most delicious. Serve it on lettuce leaves with French dressing.

(When making apple salad, pour over the apples, as soon as cut, a little lemon juice, to improve the taste as well as to keep the apples from getting discoloured.)

Apple And Pomelo Salad

Remove the pulp carefully from two pomelo (grapefruit); pare and slice an equal amount of apples. Serve with a French dressing in lettuce cups.

Asparagus Salad

Take cold asparagus tips or a can of asparagus; mix with French dressing, and serve on lettuce leaves.

Banana Salad (1)

Peel and slice bananas once lengthwise, arrange on lettuce leaves, sprinkle or roll in ground walnuts, peanuts, or pecan nuts. Serve on lettuce leaves with mayonnaise dressing.

Banana Salad (2)

This fruit salad requires mayonnaise dressing. Peel the bananas, cut across in halves, and then cut each piece lengthwise. Dip each piece in mayonnaise and lay two on a bed of shredded lettuce and two more across (like a log cabin). Use one banana for each person. Wash the lettuce, shake it dry, roll the leaves up tight, and cut in shreds with scissors or a sharp knife; form of these little nests for the sliced bananas.