Fruit Salad (2) - For Dessert

Blend such fruit as you like, oranges, bananas, plums, peaches, cherries, strawberries, etc. Chill the salad bowl, rub with geranium leaves, fill with alternate layers of the fruit, which must be cold. Serve with a dressing made of the yolks of two eggs, beaten to a cream, gradually adding the juice of two lemons and one cup of powdered sugar. Garnish with geranium leaves and whatever small fruit is in season.

Grape Salad (1) - For Dessert

Cut Malaga grapes in two and remove the seeds; mix with half the quantity of sliced bananas, orange pulp, and a sprinkling of any kind of nuts. Pour over all a glass of sherry, one of maraschino, and a cordial glass of brandy. Serve cold with powdered sugar.

Grape Salad (2)

Cut one pound of any kind of grapes in two, taking out the seeds, mix with one pint of chopped celery, and serve on lettuce leaves, either with a mayonnaise dressing or a French dressing made with lemon juice.

Grapes of two colors make a pretty salad.

Grape Salad (3)

Cut one heaping cupful of white grapes in two, and remove the seeds, add one small cup each of blanched almonds, apples cut in dice, and celery chopped quite fine. Dress with mayonnaise and serve on lettuce leaves in individual plates.

Lettuce, Egg, And Cheese Salad

Cut three hard-boiled eggs, take out the yolks carefully, cut off a slice from the whites so they will stand. Put a leaf or two of lettuce on a plate, crumble cheese over it, then add the yolks minced fine, stand the white cups on top, filled with mayonnaise.

Lobster Salad

Cut the meat of two small lobsters into small pieces. Season with salt and pepper, and pour over enough mayonnaise to moisten well. Put in the middle of a platter, garnish the edge with lettuce, pour over the rest of the dressing, and put slices of hard-boiled eggs and olives over the top.

Lobster And Egg Salad

Mix two cups of lobster meat chopped fine with four hard-boiled eggs cut in slices. Serve with a mayonnaise dressing on lettuce or nasturtium leaves.

Mushroom Salad

Cut up and mix with French dressing equal quantities of mushrooms and olives. Serve in tomato cups on leaves of lettuce, and with some mayonnaise if desired.

Macedoine Salad

Mix thoroughly with a salad dressing, one cup of cold string beans, one cup of cold boiled potatoes, both cut fine, and one cup of green peas. Serve on lettuce leaves and garnish with small slices of cold beets.

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Melon Salad

Scoop out with a tablespoon a ripe cantaloupe. Marinate with French dressing, and place on ice until ready to serve.

Nasturtium Salad

Slice equal quantities of cold boiled potatoes and ripe tomatoes, put in a salad bowl, and sprinkle with cloves. Make a border of nasturtium leaves and blossoms, allowing the stems to go well down into the centre of the bowl. Pour over the whole a French dressing and set on the ice an hour or two. When ready to serve, toss if desirable the flowers and vegetables together.