Boil a small cup rice in three pints milk, until it will pass through a sieve. Grate the white part of two heads of celery (three if email) on a bread-grater; add this to the rice milk after it has been strained; put to it a quart of stroug white stock; let boil until celery is perfectly tender; season with salt and cayenne, and serve. If cream is obtainable, substitute one pint for the same quantity of milk.

Chicken Soup,

In boiling chickens for salads, etc., the broth (water in which they are boiled) may be used for soup. When the chickens are to be served whole, stuff and tie in a cloth. To the broth add a dozen tomatoes (or a quart can), and one thinly-sliced onion; boil twenty minutes, season with salt and pepper, add two well-beaten eggs, and serve. Clam Soup. Wash clams, and place in just sufficient water for the soup, let boil, and as soon as they clear from shells, take out and place clams in a jar for pickling; throw into the broth a pint each of sweet milk and rolled crackers, add a little salt, boil five minutes, and just before taking from the fire, add one ounce butter beaten with two eggs. Serve, and let each person season to taste.