Five eggs, whites and yolks beaten separately, one and a half cups each of white sugar and sifted flour, two tea-spoons baking powder in the flour; bake in tea-cups, filling about half full. The cream is prepared by placing a small tin pail containing a pint sweet milk in a kettle of boiling water; beat the whites and yolks of two eggs separately; stir in the milk while boiling, a half tea-cup sugar, a large table-spoon corn starch dissolved in a little sweet milk, then the beaten yolks and a piece of butter the size of a large walnut; flavor with lemon or vanilla. When done, cut the cakes open, put in a spoonful of the cream, place together again, roll in the whites, and then in coarse granulated sugar. French Cream Cake.

Three eggs, one cup granulated sugar*, one and a half cups flour, two table-spoons cold water, tea-spoon baking powder. This is enough for two cakes baked in pie-pans, to be split while warm, spreading the hot custard between them, or for four cakes baked in jelly-pans, with the hot custard spread between them, the latter being the preferable plan. For custard, boil nearly one pint sweet milk; mix two table-spoons corn starch with a half tea-cup sweet milk, add two well-beaten eggs; when milk has boiled add nearly a cup sugar, and add gradually the corn starch and eggs, stirring briskly; add a half cup butter, stirring until dissolved, flavor with one tea-spoon vanilla, and spread between cakes while hot. This cake can be used as a pudding by pouring over each piece a spoonful of the custard that is left. - Mrs. Charles Morey.