Boil either Irish or sweet potatoes until well done, mash and rub through a sieve; to a pint of pulp, add three pints sweet milk, table-spoon melted butter, tea-cup sugar, three eggs, pinch of salt, and nutmeg or lemon to flavor. Use rich paste for under crust. - Mrs. R. C. Carson, Harrisburg.

Pumpkin Pie. Stew pumpkin, cut into small pieces, in a half pint water; and, when soft, mash with potato-masher very fine, let the water dry away, watching closely to prevent burning or scorching; for each pie take one well-beaten egg, half cup sugar, two table-spoons pump--kin, half pint rich milk (a little cream will improve it), a little salt; stir well together, and season with cinnamon or nutmeg; bake with under crust in a hot oven. Some steam pumpkin instead of stewing it. - Mrs. A. B. Morey.

Pie-apple Pie. A cup of sugar, a half cup butter, one of sweet cream, five eggs, one pine-apple grated; beat butter and sugar to a cream, add beaten yolks of eggs, then the pine-apple and cream, and, lastly, the beaten whites whipped in lightly. Bake with under crust only. - Mrs. Wm. Smith, Jacksonville, Florida.